The New Generation of Clinical Trial Transparency Solutions and Services

News: The HHS/NIH Final Rule 
New registration and results requirements are now in effect with the  NIH Final Rule. They increase the breadth and frequency of posting studies to

Are you prepared for this change? 

Keep Pace with Compliance

Clinical Trial Disclosure is evolving fast. Evolve with it.

Xogene is the leading third party service provider exclusively dedicated to clinical trial disclosure, transparency, data sharing and related technologies. Founded in 2010, Xogene brings deep regulatory knowledge as well as unparalleled experience with the global clinical trial registries to support clients in their quest to meet their trial disclosure obligations. Our suite of light, agile online tools offer the most user friendly and cost-effective path to managing trial transparency information and processes.

We partner with our clients on a spectrum of Disclosure and Transparency activities, from a single results postings to full tracking and oversight solution support. 


Tracking Made Easy
Track your transparency projects simply and easily with the Xogene Tracker.